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Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks ~ Teaching Literary Elements with Common Core Alignment for Grades 4-8. Some Topics: plot, setting, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, internal conflict, external conflict, characterization, point of view, theme, tone and mood, simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, alliteration, allusion, onomatopoeia, and MORE! See TpT listing for table of contents, CCSS alignment, and samples!

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This huge colorful poster clearly identifies nine important elements of literature: plot, theme, setting, characterization, conflict, mood, style, tone, and point of view. The teacher's guide contains additional information about the elements, teaching suggestions, and related instructional activities.

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Scary Toy Story - Mood/Tone…This is the perfect short video to show when you discuss mood and tone…it's the Toy Story trailer done as a horror story….LOTS to discuss here! How does the mood change, why?

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FREE Author's Craft Poster~ Metaphor, Simile, Tone, Alliteration, and more are all described on this short-and-sweet "cheat sheet." Use this to help your students make sense of these common writing terms. The better young writers understand these terms, the more likely they'll be to try to incorporate them into their own writing!

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24 task cards. Use these effective and engaging common core aligned task cards with ANY novel or short story to teach your students how to closely analyze literature. This product includes 24 post reading task cards that require students to analyze character, theme, setting, conflict, plot, author's tone, word choice, and much more. These task cards work perfectly for individual, small group, or whole class assignments, as assessments, or as interactive notebook pages.

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