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Download free The Complete Idiot's Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism (Idiot's Guides) pdf

Literary Criticism - seven different lenses

This presentation serves as an introduction to what literary criticism is and seven different types of literary criticism:Marxist CriticismPsychoanalytical CriticismArchetypal CriticismNew Criticism (Formalism)Reader-responseNew Historicism Gender CriticismEach section defines what that school of thought focuses on and gives examples of what sort of questions a critic might ask of a piece of literature.

Timeline of Literary Theory -- you can save your charts and embed them in presentations later.

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Literary Criticism: look at texts through literary lenses. High school Bulletin board. Critical thinking. Feminism, Marxism, reader response, historical.

A Clear Approach for Introducing Students to Critical Reading Lenses: Tips for Texts, Lenses, & Assessments

{FREEBIE!} Useful tips for a short literary criticism unit for beginners. Ideas for texts, lenses, and assessments.