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Lion Diet

31 Super Happy Animals That Will Leave You Smiling

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Galapagos Sea Lion - Zalophus wollebaeki. Found almost exclusively on the Galapagos archipelago. Slightly more gracile than their Californian cousins with adults of both sexes growing up to 250cm and weighing approximately 250kg. Their diet consists primarily of fish - specifically sardines - and they, in turn, are preyed upon by Great White sharks and Killer Whales.

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Heartbroken Dog Slept on His Former Family’s Chair After Being Abandoned in the Snow

Natural plant based diet: how to get plenty of calcium without dairy. Great for those who have dairy allergies/intolerances and are who are vegan

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Killer Whale / Despite its name, the killer whale (aka the orca) is classified as a dolphin, not a whale (tho all dolphins fall under the 'toothed whale' suborder of Odontoceti). In fact, it is the largest of all dolphin species. They hunt in pods, with a widely varied diet that includes fish, squid, birds, seals, sea lions and even whales. Animals Found in Antarctica.

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Wacky Wednesday: The Genet

The Genet - It looks like a cat, it’s carnivorous like a cat, but it is definitely not a cat. They primarily eat small rodents and lizards, though to add a little variety to their diet, genets sometimes have fruit salads topped with insects. Some subspecies of genets eat exclusively insects. In fact, they are known to stalk frogs at the sides of ponds.

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Easy Marinara Sauce - no sugar added & low carb

Skip the store-bought jarred pasta sauce and make this Quick and Easy Marinara Sauce instead -- it's just perfect for pasta, zoodles, pizza, veggies and more!:

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10 Remarkable Facts About Mountain Lions

Diet | 10 Remarkable Facts About Mountain Lions

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My PCOS Kitchen - Keto Psyllium Buns (Gluten-free) - These low carb buns are guaranteed to impress the whole family! Taste just like wheat buns!

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