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This is successful as, despite its simple linear lines, the idea of a running man is obvious. You can then see how they were able to replicate this form in to a pattern for the rest of their collateral, which adds complexity to the brand as a whole.

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El highline es un parque muy largo en Nueva York. El parque es un reconversión de un vía de tren. En el highline prefiero caminar y a veces tomar fotos de la vista impresionante. El highline es importante porque es histórico y moderno y una país muy bonita y único. Es uno de mis países favoritos en el ciudad.

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Math = Love: Different Forms of Linear Functions Fly Swatter Game With Bracket (great way to introduce and start notes)

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Graphing Lines & Zombies ~ Slope Intercept Form

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Graphing Linear Equations Quilt Project

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Holiday Math Pennants

Graphing linear equations ornaments. In this collaborative activity for the holidays, students graph lines and write their equations. Question types include: 1: Graphing from slope-intercept form 2: Graphing from point-slope form 3: Graphing & writing the slope-intercept equation given slope and a point 4: Graphing & writing the point-slope equation given slope and a point 5: Graphing & writing the slope-intercept equation given 2 points 6: Graphing & giving a point-slope equation given

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I have done a project similar to this. It adds more rigor if students create their own equations and develop their own design. I usually have them create a certain number of each type of line, have them identify slope, y-intercept, etc. to cover more of what I am teaching on the concept.

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