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Black Moon or Lilith is part of Astro-psychology :it is the moonspot in your radix which is most distance from the earth. It means you can not wear any mask or find ways of protection , -also subconcious levels ,you are completely 'naked' there, so most vulnerable. (How to Find All the Lilith's(= Black moon) in Your Birth Chart AstroFix)


Pastel Goth Demon Sigil | Stickers & Decals

Summon powerful demons pastel goth style! Whether you're looking to have Lucifer, Marbas, Astaroth, Lilith, Leviathan, Baal, or Azazel do your dirty work, or just be your demon boyfriend, this demon sigil sticker sheet is sure to help accomplish your ritual needs!


Woman and Owl ~ by Ignacio Serrano ('The Owl' symbolizes those who are wise enough and 'clear-sighted within' enough to SEE through, and in, the Darkness, A Wise Watcher..a Seer in Wild Silence. As th