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DIY Light Saber Tutorial from Instructables’ User seamster.Make this $5 DIY Light Saber from a clear tube guard for fluorescent bulbs (so cheap and I’m wondering what I can DIY with them), a...

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I hope that the stupid lightsaber of the villians in the new movies doesnt make it up here. The staff saber can definitely join the ranks, though. --Yoda's blade was never yellow, no matter what you look at. He was never a sentinel.--

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Star Wars costumes are going to be a huge hit this year with the news of Star Wars Land from Disney. May the force be with you with these DIY light sabers you can make yourself! The kids are going to want to play with this all year round.

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Every lightsaber color in the Star Wars universe & what they mean.
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Lightsabers, It is so amazing thinking about how hard they tried to make each saber different even if you don't really see them up close in the movies.

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