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How to Choose and Install Motion Detector Lighting

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The Super-Kamiokande detector in Japan, an underground tank that holds 50 million liters of water, captures neutrinos that emanate from a particle accelerator nearly 300 kilometers away. When a neutrino hits the detector, it can produce charged particles, whose high speed through the water emits a flash of light, triggering phototubes mounted in the walls of the Super-K tank. The experiment investigates muon neutrinos transforming into electron neutrinos.

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Installing a Remote Motion Detector for Lighting

Installing a Remote Motion Detector for Lighting: A remote sensor automatically lights up dark sidewalks and yards. And it'll operate any light fixture. In this story, we'll show you how to install a remote motion detector to your outside lights.

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The Most Beautiful Experiment

Quantum physics informs us that a system exists in superposition — that is, in all possible states — until we observe that it is only in one specific state. According to a 2002 poll of …

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Halo Smoke Detector. Halo is a smart smoke detector that warns you of smoke, fire, & CO2 levels, plus it provides alerts for natural disaster warnings like earthquakes & tornadoes – even when the internet & TV are out. The Halo backup battery lasts 7 days in the event of a power outage.

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Nest Builds a Smart Smoke Detector With Fewer False Alarms

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Lights turn on automatically when entering a room. After the room is left unoccupied the lights turn off. I have one in my pantry and laundry room since my hands are always full when leaving. Best money ever spent!

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'Extreme Universe' puzzle deepens

[ARTICLE] 'Extreme universe' puzzle deepens - the mystery surrounding the source of the highest-energy particles known in the Universe has grown deeper.

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No More Asking Who Left the Lights On with Lutron

Lutron Sensors and Dimmers automatically turn on & off when you come and go! Awesome for your bill and saving your breath! #sponsored

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