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LIFE SKILLS Sequencing Mats

Teach life skills, sequencing, transitional words, following directions, language skills, and listening skills All-in-One with these Life Skills Sequencing Mats!

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FREE Printable Life Skills Checklist for Kids

In the busy life of homeschooling it's easy to forget basic skills that every person needs. We're so busy teaching history, science, math, and grammar that

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100 Basic Life Skills

100 Basic Life Skills. For when you're tired of #adulting and just want to be an adult.

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21 Essential Life Skills For Teens To Learn

Education is important in one’s life, but to be a self sufficient adult, teens need to learn some life skills. These life skills for teens will help become independent & live life smoothly.


This site lists several items that teens should master before living independently. The list is useful because it contains many items that adults may not consider or take for granted.


How confident are you that your child is learning the life skills they need to become independent adults?

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What Do I Need? {meal prep, life skills, independence}

Knowing how to select the necessary items needed to make a meal or a snack is an essential life skills task that is often difficult to teach in the classroom. Let's face it, these are not items we have readily available in our classrooms! I have a student that has this as an IEP goal, so in trying to figure out how I was going to teach this goal without hauling my entire kitchen into school, these cards were born.