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Would You Pass The Drivers License Test If You Took It Now?


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Driving Lessons Falmouth Book your driving lessons in Falmouth Cornwall by calling 01326 352108 Over 170 Driving Test Passes in 2015 Living in Falmouth a driving licence can make all the difference allowing you to access the outside world and it can really help you improve both your social life and your job prospects, plus you will have the freedom and independence you crave.

How to Pass Your Driver's Licence Test the First Time

This is a list of things that will save you from failing your driver's licence exam, and from wasting a lot of money going back to apply for new appointments.


“Mess up” means “to do something incorrectly, or to make a mistake”. Example: My daughter had her driver’s licence test yesterday, but she messed it up so she’ll have to do it again. Get our apps for learning English: