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Washington state mall killer not a U.S. citizen but voted 3 TIMES thanks to idiotic liberal policy


Liberal Policies Are to Blame for Today’s Mass Shooting in Newtown, CT

The U.S. is treading precariously in an extremely dangerous economic bubble created by liberal policies, Republican candidate Donald Trump warned in Monday's presidential debate.

The great thing about being a liberal is the warm, gooey feeling of self-satisfaction and moral superiority. By simply agreeing with liberal policies, or retweeting an OFA hashtag, or laughing at T


Exporting Hollywood: Liberal Policies Driving Film Industry from California

"The Democrats have run them for a hundred years, mostly uninterrupted ... and you see what's happened." Donald J. Trump said failed liberal policies have turned the inner cities into places that are "so unsafe, where you walk down the street, you get shot, or your child gets shot."

Gutfeld: De Blasio, Liberal Policies Turning NYC into an Outhouse

Sheriff Clarke: ‘Riots a Result of Liberal Policies’


Trump blames liberal policies for inner-city problems | Fox News Video

30 years of liberal policies more damaging to blacks than slavery - Thomas Sowell - YouTube