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By all means, keep calling me racist for disagreeing with Obama's liberal policies. You only help me prove my point about liberals. Thanks.


Private City Walking Tour in Amsterdam With A Local Guide This private walking tour with a local guide introduces you to Amsterdam's history, culture and unique lifestyle. Through beautiful canals and landmarks, unravel Amsterdam's past and present: the Golden Age, World War II, liberal policies, drugs, the Red Light District and much more. Explore Amsterdam with a private local guide and see the city's architectural beauty, art, bikes and canal houses, including the many curi...

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Liberal Socialism works (for a very short time) when most of the people are basically similar (Sweden, Denmark), and there are no great differences in education and culture. In America, we pride ourselves on our diversity and our "melting pot" citizenry, but our offer of freedom and individualism automatically excludes the ideal of "one fits all" Socialism. Even homogeneous Europe can't sustain this system when the 3rd world is invading. Socialism is an inherently exclusive and RACIST…

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Liberal Policies Didn’t Fail Baltimore. Here’s What Did.

Hear why there is no such thing as trickle down economics, and why politicians like President Obama keep arguing that there is. From unprecedented, unchecked use of executive power, to the desire of politicians to redistribute wealth, Dr. Sowell thinks that the foundations of our republic are being tested.


"The Democrats have run them for a hundred years, mostly uninterrupted ... and you see what's happened." Donald J. Trump said failed liberal policies have turned the inner cities into places that are "so unsafe, where you walk down the street, you get shot, or your child gets shot."

FINALLY...An intelligent educator of our children! ~ Carol M. Swain, political scientist, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University