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Coalition loses ground with men and older voters, Newspoll shows

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

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Is Tony Abbott incompetent? Definitely, says one US think tank

An expert at the internationally respected US think-tank has labelled Tony Abbott the most “incompetent leader in any industrialised democracy,” as the Australian Prime Minister provoked criticism over his latest remarks.

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Why The Democrat Party Is The World’s Most Successful Hate Group

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and for my Democratic Senators and Reps to speak up. Not lay down and have the GOP walk all over them.

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Crooked Pervert Donnie and his Repukkke swamp scum!!

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Donald the doo doo stain Trump . No wonder he has beady little butthole eyes.

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Make that, I'm a liberal progressive who's getting suspicious that the Democrats are too owned by the same fat cats as the lapdog Republicans."

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Dana Fairbanks, M.D. on

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