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Liberal Party Platform

Vicious Babushka on

Remember when this liberal Republican was President and corporations paid taxes . He also reigned in Defense Spending...His 1956 platform was like todays Democratic platform... see how far Republicans have drifted to the right of sanity and reality by serving only the 1% and religious fanatics !

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I wonder if this is what Teabaggers and Kochsuckers mean when they say they want "their" country back? Somehow, I don't think so…

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That is actually close to the word-for-word text of their platform. I was blown out of the water and had to read it again. They went on to say that they didn't want anything that went against what parents and the church taught included in the educational curriculum. Just to add to my horror, Texas purchases so many school books that their buying power directly affects the rest of the country. Can't make this shit up.

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May his past "words" haunt him! This man's appointment would be another insult to our Veterans, Especially the Viet Nam Vets. Scream it from the rafters! NO Rice! No Kerry! No Obama!

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