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“LGBT: Life Gets Better Together. Your orientation doesn't matter. All that matters is that we support each other.

Have you ever felt you met the right person at the wrong time?

Yes I met my new crush a couple months ago and then I had to move. still like him tho 😢😂

Get your cute butt over here - Tap to see more funny love quotes that totally nail your crazy relationships! @mobile9

Get you cute butt over here and give me a fucking hug! Thats my favorite quote

Life Lessons 101: love ... as spoken by Lin Manuel Miranda

blessing you with a little Lin Manuel Miranda quote to start the day off right

Finally! I think we tend to forget that 1) men suffer sexism, 2) a man, and a woman, is only a result of their society/environment

Whoever made this comic is amazing. One of my biggest complaints about sexism is that people think its okay for a girl to dress boyish and just call her a tomboy but if a boy dresses like a girl theres something wrong with him.<<well said

Explaining why you love someone

I've never had to explain why I love someone. I've never been in love though.

supreme  court legalizes gay marriage nationwide on june 26th or 6/26 . stitch fortold the future!!!! #stitch #same-sex marriage legalized

supreme court legalizes gay marriage nationwide on june or . stitch fortold the future!

#hysterical ❤️❤️ ️❤️❤️ ️❤️❤️ this is me

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