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Skittles appear on my skin when I'm near another queer human. Always sammie Pansexual Mtf (she/her) Contact Info: Personal: @sagaofthequeer @sagaofthequeer1053 Snapchat: supergeek1053 or sagaofthequeer Tumblr: sagaofthequeer Kik: smc1053 or sagaofthequeer Facebook: Sammie Morgan Cote Skype: facebook:Sam.cote.524 Twitter: @sagaofthequeer I am appart of several lgbt groups on kik. message me to join the others on kik. Kik me at Sagaofthequeer Follow @trans.giveaway @mtfmakeup @transclothes…


I hope this didn't get double posted, but there are apparently many asexuals who do not know what SAGE does.

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Three Reasons LGBT Groups Are Fighting Over A Bill That Isn't Going To Become Law

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ACLU, LGBT Groups Raise "Grave Concerns" About Job Bill Religious Exemption

The broad religious exemption to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act "gives a stamp of legitimacy to LGBT discrimination," activists...

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Gay Rights Bill Dies In Indiana Under Fire From Both GOP and LGBT Groups

Feb. 3, 2016 - - LGBT rights bill in Indiana dies under fire from both GOP and civil groups

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NBA Will Donate Sales Of Jason Collins' Jersey To LGBT Groups

NBA Will Donate Sales Of Jason Collins’ Jersey To LGBT Groups


LGBT group finds acceptance at evangelical college

The nation's first LGBT group at a Christian college is at Fuller Theological Seminary


LGBT Rights Activists Fear Trump Will Undo Protections Created Under Obama

The election of Donald Trump has conservative organizations hopeful for new protections for religious liberty, while LGBT groups anticipate more discrimination in courts, workplaces and the military.