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Sacred Geometry, Ley Lines and the Planetary Grid

The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, the stone heads at Easter Island, the sun and moon pyramids in Mexico. Ancient mystical sites, churches, temples, henges and burial sites were all build on these leylines. In fact, over 4000 sites of historical and spiritual significance were found on this grid. The Irish called these "fairy paths". Germans called them "holy lines". Greeks called them "the sacred roads of Hermes". The Chinese called them "dragon currents".

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Magnetic Ley Lines in America | google earth overlay for ley lines and energy lines

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Where Are The Ley Lines On Earth | ... Vortex with Ley lines & Vortecies. Explaining the ancient Power Grid

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Magnetic Ley Lines in America | What do you know about Duluth ley lines? Perfect Duluth Day | Duluth ...

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