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A Love Letter to My First Love: Dad

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10 Things I Want You To Know About Instagram (a letter to my teenage daughter)

This is such a great encouragement for our teenagers using social media! via Homegrown Learners

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Love Letter to Dad for Father's Day

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FREE Parts of a Letter Handout~ Pass this out and then have the students sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" but put in the words "Heading, Greeting, Body, Closing, Signature." Great way for student to connect their own body parts with the parts of a friendly letter!

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Frame I made for the first day of school - thought I could change the star out and take pictures on the 100th day and last day, and put all three pictures together in a collage.

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This is an itsy bitsy book... As a literacy activity for the preschool students I assembled the books. The kids colored them and we reviewed the pictures together. Then we "read" it together as the sentences are the same on each page. Then I encouraged them to take the books home to "read" to mom and dad or a brother or sister. They loved the tiny size of these.

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Story time: I went to boarding school and one day my dad sent me a letter and told me to open it in the dining hall so I was like ??? maybe he sent something for my friends too. So I take it to dinner and open it, and it turns out it's a card. A record-your-voice card in which my dad recorded himself yelling at the top of his lungs about how my dog pooped on the carpet. And that is the story of how my dad sent me a Howler one day. // THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER. ALSO PARENT GOALS.

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