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Instead of always stressing over losing control, LET GO and LET GOD! (He's going to work things out just the way He wants anyway.)

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Why all the scurrying around? Let God do his job. He's much better at it than we are.

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Let the past be the past . The saying Let Go Let God is so true , how can he heal you if your trying to play doctor . Matthew 6:14 " No one can serve two masters . Either you will hate one or love another " What are you spending most of your time doing ? Is it on the past ? Leave the past where it is . It's ok to feel weird. That weird feeling is called growth . When God is moving he makes it uncomfortable.

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I see this type of quote a lot, but it isn't biblical. Being sorry (repentance for an offense) is required for true forgiveness to be granted. Luke 17:3, Matthew 18:15 Letting go & letting God handle an offender is often necessary because an apology or change of heart will never come; however, true forgiveness is being able to go forward in a relationship as if the wrong never happened. God only requires this if repentance occurs. He doesn't require us to be okay with continued mistreatment.

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Get out of your own way and let God lead, in every circumstance. period.

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How do you let go and let God? First, you have to make Jesus the manager of your life. Learn how, in this devotional from Pastor Rick Warren.

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Are you worrying or obsessing? In this guide I explain how to let go and let God. Includes a free worksheet.

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Forgiveness is a choice. We may not be able to choose to wipe away the hurt that someone has caused but we can choose to cast off the bitterness, anger, and feelings of the need for revenge and justice. How? Trust in God, believe His word, and turn judgment over to Him. Once we let God take over, we can start to let the negative feelings go. –Elmer Laydon

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