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Hamilton, Wicked, Newsies, Phantom, Finding Neverland, Les Mis, Bonnie & Clyde

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Enjolras doesn't give a shitokai mushroom about Marius' feels

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This has@Amber Gauthier @Mary Powers Powers Powers C and @Carly Kyre written alllllll over it

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The last one about sums it up<<<During finals, my screensaver was a picture of Aaron Tveit that said 'You can do it.' Im not even kidding

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22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

And on the off chance you do get to play a love interest, you’re definitely not going to get the guy. | 22 Problems Only Altos Will Understand

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No no no Phantom can never be overpowered (this will be me when I go to college. Be warned, world.)

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He stole a loaf of bread so naming himself after a bakery item is not a great cover

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Les Songs of Les Misérables... notice how most of these shots are of people crying...yeah. that's basically les mis.

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