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Which Broadway Musical Should You Actually See This Season?

Which Broadway Musical Should You Actually See This Season?| You got: Les Misérables | If you want to see a classic Broadway show filled with unbelievable vocals and a heartbreaking story, make sure to see Les Misérables!

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Les Songs of Les Misérables... notice how most of these shots are of people crying...yeah. that's basically les mis.

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Sink Me!: All This for a Loaf of Bread??? fun fact: Aladdin's quote about the bread (in the title of this post) actually was a Les Mis reference, as a nod to Lea Salonga (singing voice of Princess Jasmine) who at the time of Aladdin's release was starring as Eponine on Broadway.

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Great!!! Now I'm going to have another Les Mis song stick in my head during Hebrew class. At least Wyrick loves the musical. Haha!

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