A rare Leopard Cat, these have recently been seen in the forests of Northern Burma (2013).

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The Margay, a spotted cat native to the Americas, is a solitary and nocturnal animal closely related to the ocelot & the oncilla. The margay is larger, weighing @ 6-8 lbs. They're skillful climbers & spend most of their lives in rainforest trees from Mexico to Argentina. The Margay is the only cat with hind legs that rotate 180 degrees, enabling it to run headfirst down trees. Each year, @ 14,000 are killed for their fur. This & continuing loss of habitat threaten their survival.

The leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) is a small wild cat of South and East Asia. Since 2002 it has been listed as Least Concern by IUCN as it is widely distributed but threatened by habitat loss and hunting in parts of its range. There are twelve leopard cat subspecies, which differ widely in appearance. The leopard cat's name is derived from the leopard-like spots prevalent in all subspecies, but its relation to the leopard is distant.

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A previous pinner said this was a Bengal, but it is not. This is closer to an Asian leopard cat, which is a "parent", so to speak, of the household Bengal, or even a Savannah.

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