Lemon Drop Shots. This will show you the two classic ways to serve a Lemon Drop shot. http://www.ifood.tv/recipe/lemon-drop

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A wonderful light, airy lemon sponge cake which not only has NO gluten, but also has NO added fat! // #Lemon #GlutenFree

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Lemon, Pound Cake, Recipe I got this recipe years ago from a local television show. I love the mild lemon flavor that this cake has. It isn’t the over powering mouth puckering lemon flavor li…

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"Big Hero 6" is amazing for its diversity of characters - whether you look at it in terms of ethnicity, gender, personality, talent...or, in this case, height ;)

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"Limoncello Tiramisu" Tiramisu is only sometimes a desert I consider "good"... but this... this could be yummy.

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