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Don Lemon Just Got Schooled on Live TV for His Coverage of the Assault at Spring Valley

Drunk Don Lemon Tells Kathy Griffin She Has a ‘Nice Rack’ on Live TV (VIDEO) Jim Hoft Jan 1st, 2016

CNN Anchor Don Lemon’s Live TV Interview With Rapper Goes Completely Off the Rails: ‘Let Me Finish!’

CNN's Don Lemon Does Shots, Gets A Piercing & Bares His Soul On Live TV

CNN's Don Lemon did tequila shots bared his soul on live TV for New Year's Eve | The Kansas City Star via No Political Correctness - Lots of people do silly things on New Years Eve especially when they drink. Few people do those things on live TV in front of millions. CNNs

CNN IS OVER: Watch Trump END Don Lemon’s Career Last Night On Live TV! - World News Politics Notice the two white dudes he brought in for support actually abandon him. They try to make a very weak defense in his behalf but left this idiot wide open for attack. They didn’t have his back not at all.

CNN Host Can’t Define ‘Automatic Weapon,’ Gets Schooled by Conservative on LIVE TV

Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe and the FBI have a $467,500 headache on their hands –