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Lego Batman- classic geek movie, you'd be surprised how many adults were there to watch it.

Harley Quinn will appear in #LEGOBatmanMovie!

Meet Gotham's Heroes and Villains in 'LEGO Batman' Character Posters

Several new character posters for The LEGO Batman Movie have been released online and feature the Bat-Family and some key Batman villains!

thomas-sanders-on-twitter:  ““‘Losing people is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean you stop letting them in.’ Ok, Lego Batman, I was not prepared to cry.” ”

Lol I thought he was giving a life lesson until I got to the end

Not the Batman we need, but the one we deserve. : lego

Oh for gods sake Batman, he is your son! Just accept it already and stop being a meanie pants. Robin needs to know that you accept him.

In a way, it was quite true. Batman spend most of his time in Batcave rather than mansion lol

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Lego batman is the best batman. Green Arrow by justice.league.memes

Whoever said bvs is the best Batman adaptation probably also thinks Teen Titans Go!

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Latest Posters

Check out these new graffiti-styled posters for 'The Lego Batman Movie' brought to you by the team behind 'The Lego Movie'.

Free LEGO Batman Printable

Free The LEGO Batman Movie Printable

The LEGO Batman Movie is in theaters on Friday, February and you’re going to love it! It was so funny with that classic LEGO humor!

LEGO Batman (@reallegobatman) på Instagram: "Hey Batfans, I’ve been hanging out in Australia for the launch of my new movie, #LEGOBatmanMovie,…"

Hey Batfans Ive been hanging out in Australia for the launch of my new movie in cinemas today. Theyre trendy on there so Ive.

It’s time to contribute to the Fandom. I watched “Lego Batman Movie” last weekend and I CAN’T I need more BatJokes from Lego Movie and I want to draw A LOT OF THEM and a lot of Emmet Wyldstyle too I...

This precious cinnamon roll Lego Joker (The Lego Batman Movie, Chris McKay;