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This looks cool, apparently it's called hooping. Would love to see this in real life and sit there mesmorized.


HoopDreams LED Hula Hoop Leggings (Blacklight Reactive!)

Leggings made from a photo of an led hoop! So cool!


how to make an LED hoop- this is a pretty helpful but I've made a few LED hoops a little simpler than this. Helix hoops is where is gets complicated.


LED Hoop - "Rainbow Flash" Hula Hoop- sizes 26"OD - 38"OD - Hdpe or Glow Polypro sizes 26"-38" Outer Diamter

LED Hoop Rainbow Flash Hula Hoop sizes 26OD 38OD by HoopNerd

Deep purples & hypnotic greens come together in the seductive glow of the Luna LED hoop. Feel the vibration and the magnetic embrace of this beautiful hoop!