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How and why the leap second affected Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare 5xx errors due to 2016 leap second bug

With A Leap Second, 2016 Promises To Linger Just A Little Bit Longer -

Why June 30 is longer by a second: all you wanted to know

If we didn’t add an extra second to the clock, sometime a few million years from now, humans or their descendants will sleep till noon. But for now, it’s a real stress on may business who worry their websites may crash — and Google’s trying to block it.

Leap second briefly catches out computer firm

To those complaining about the leap second

Upon hearing that 2016 will be a "leap second" longer..

(By Jennifer Leclaire) You’ve heard of the leap year, but what about a leap second? The International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems has deemed it ne

Leap second added to 2016