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As we exercise faith in the Savior, our sins can be forgiven through sincere repentance. “Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool” (Isaiah 1:18). Learn more about repentance and forgiveness Enjoy more about the holy temple

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Remember, “To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done.” From #ElderScott’s inspiring #LDSconf message

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Who is God? Part 1 of a series of basic explanations of Mormonism. (If you click the image it gets larger.)

Who is God? Part 1 of a series of basic explanations of Mormonism. (If you click the image it gets larger.)

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Practice and be what you integrity

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#lds #quotes #mormon #hinckley #emotions #selfesteem #divinenature Cultivate the #light you have within you, and it will #shine through as a radiant #expression that will be seen by others.

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The more we learn about God and feel His love for us, the more we realize that the infinite sacrifice of Jesus Christ is a divine gift of God. —Dieter F. Uchtdorf #LDS

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By helping others come unto Him, you will find that you have come unto Him yourself. —Henry B. Eyring #LDS

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Repentance is a divine gift. —D. Todd Christofferson #LDS #Faith

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LDS Pictionary

Bring on the fun with LDS Pictionary. 100 cards to keep the fun going! Each card has an image on it to help those who have difficulty reading as well as to give you a hint of what to draw if you are stumped. Great for: * Last minute lessons- talk about the object in more detail after it's been guess for double points * Family Home Evenings- the lesson or the activity. Either way it's a blast. * Lesson reviews- Choose the cards that relate to your recent LDS…

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April 2015 LDS Conference Quotes and Printables

“How we live our religion is more important than what we say about our religion.” – Robert D. Hales

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If your religion teaches you not to question, then your religion has something to hide from you.

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“Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight. ‘Accentuate the positive.’ Look a little deeper for the good. More generously compliment and endorse virtue and effort.” –Gordon B. Hinckley (from his inspiring book ‘Standing For Something’)

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2017 LDS YW New Beginnings - ASK Acquire Spiritual Knowledge - Love the lightbulbs!

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The Benefits of Being Mormon

The Benefits of Being Mormon

OK this may sound as if we're trying to convince you to join our church. But I found it informational for those who don't know very much about the LDS religion.

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Elder Holland is known for his passionate, powerful talks. #LDS #LDSconf #twitterstake

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Dieter F Uchtdorf

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“The Lord blesses those who want to improve, who accept the need for commandments and try to keep them, who cherish Christlike virtues and strive to the best of their ability to acquire them. If you stumble in that pursuit, so does everyone; the Savior is there to help you keep going.” From #ElderHolland’s inspiring #LDSconf message…

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