LDS Family Search made easy #LDSfamilysearch

I've compiled a list of all the greatest resources for tracing your genealogy and making a family tree. I've sorted and rated all of these family tree templates, genealogy books and family tree software to save you time and help you get started.

Free Mormon Genealogy Sites...they really know how to compile a family history!

Free Mormon Genealogy Sites--this is a wonderful resource. My FIL said the Mormons have records of all family trees.

20 seconds. Seriously. This will take you 20 seconds. (FYI: THIS IS AN UPDATE. TreeSeek launched a new website that makes it super easy to do this same process.) Go to Click Login, and enter your FamilySearch/ credentials. Click Create. Did you want more steps? Because that's it. Seriously. It's amazingly simple. I love it. One cool thing: it now shows the birth date. It still doesn't show the birth country, which I think would be sweet. I've always thought genea...

How to Create a Simple Genealogy Chart- 20 seconds. This will take you 20 seconds.

Family History is for young and old! Check out these new features at // I love using this website for researching my family #genealogy

A Mormon Newsroom infographic about the many new features of Family Search. I am excited to start adding photos and stories

Family Search is the best FREE genealogy site out there! If you are interested in family history, is the place to start!

Spelling Substitution Tables for the United States and Canada - Commonly Misread Letters Table & Phonetic Substitutes Table

A great list of ideas for conversation starters in a family history interview.   This quote courtesy of @Pinstamatic (

50 Questions to Ask Relatives About Your Family History

How To Quickly Find Free Genealogy Records from Hundreds of US Repositories

Free Genealogy Records at the Digital Public Library of America