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30 kitties who have mastered the ancient art of Sleep-Fu

30 kitties who have mastered the ancient art of Sleep-Fu

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20 of the cutest cats who seriously miss their owners

Don't you just love when it starts to get chilly? Colorful leaves, hot cocoa, windy days, rainy nights, mushroom picking, warm sweaters, bonfires, cozy scarves, long walks, pumpkin picking, apple pies, hay rides, crisp air, harvest, October & Halloween!

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— Monica Sisson

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It's like the internet deities came together and said: Let's put all your favorite things in one place.

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Don't worry....I'll get up in a minute and take that trash out for you, honey....really.....I will......zzzzzzzzzz

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CATS: reflecting, relaxed, all fours draped over the cornerpost of a cuntry fence in a grassy meadow. Inspiring. Uplifting.

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My black cat Juliet does this, but only on the book, newspaper etc... im trying to read! lol..

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