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WILLIAM CLARKE WONTNER - 1857-1930...a neo-classical painter during the neo-classical movement of England, of which Lawrence Alma-Tadema was the foremost leader. Wontner added Orientalist elements into his paintings because he loved to paint seductive women often against white marble walls in classical oriental settings.

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Africa | Woman's wrapper from the Nupe people of Nigeria | 20th century | Cotton; indigo || @Duncan Clarke usefully added "A very strange cloth that most probably is not Nupe and may be from one of the ethnic groups in northern Benin Republic where I have seen similar but less complex pieces. "

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New photos of Jennifer Lawrence photographed for Dior

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dean winchester / valorslain

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POUTMUD™ Wet Lip Balm Treatment Ornament

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*WILLIAM CLARKE QUANTRIL~Leader of perhaps the most savage fighting unit in the Civil War,Quantrill developed a style of guerrilla warfare that terrorized civilians+ soldiers alike.He travelled toUtah in1858 w/an army wagon train+there made his living as a gambler,using the alias of CharlesHart.After a yr, he moved to Lawrence,KS.But his past+predisposition soon caught up w/him+wanted for murder+ horse theft,Quantrill fled to MO in late 1860.

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