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Laveyan satanism

Can we just repeat number 5 again. Consent. Yup, for sure. Consent people, consent. We need more of this.

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The Nine Satanic Sins (Note: when he mentions "magic" he's not actually speaking of spellcasting, etc. etc. It's a nickname for a type of psychological manipulation expounded upon in the book).

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Except Loki, because WHO WOULDN'T? :-D It has been pointed out to me that this is a satanic cross--so I guess I will move it to my Atheism board :-) Thanks, dude!

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Although, I'm not a part or a fan of LaVeyan Satanism or Church of Satan, I must say that I completely agree with all nine satanic statements.

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There is a beast in man that needs to be exercised not exorcised. Anton Lavey

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The Rules. These sound better than the ten commandments in my opinion. Though I don't consider myself Satanic, they do have some good points.

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The Satanic Cross is a variation of the alchemical symbol for black sulfur,[1] that represents fire and brimstone. The sulfur symbol was placed above the Nine Satanic Statements (p. 25) in The Satanic Bible in LaVeyan Satanism, and is commonly used in rituals performed by Theistic Satanists

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