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Spring to Fall: Lavenders have it all. Yes, there is a Lavender blooming almost all the time in our gardens. This is easier to achieve in a Zone 8 garden like ours, but even those in Zone 5 can enjoy the fragrance of Lavender throughout the growing season.


LAVANDULA 'Boysenberry Ruffles' From the new 'Ruffles & Laces' series. Dusty pink with deeper centers. The bracts atop the flower heads are larger than normal and have distinctly rippled margins giving the unusual ruffled appearance. This series has superior uniformity in growth, a tremendous flower count and a very compact, controlled habit. Perfect for containers or kitchen, fragrance. Category: New plants Common Name: Ruffles Series Lavender Size: 4 Inch Height: 1-2' Bloom…


What Are The Most Profitable Lavender Varieties? by Craig Wallin on Profitable Plants Digest at


A Gardener's Guide to Lavender

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most widely grown type of lavender in North America because it doesn't mind humidity and winter moisture as much as other lavenders. It's also the most commonly used in cooking and baking, and has a sweet, soft fragrance. English lavender, like all lavender varieties, does best in full sun and well-drained soil. The plants don't tolerate wet or especially heavy soil. Note: English lavender isn't from England. It picked up its common name…


A Gardener's Guide to Lavender

English Lavender is very easy to grow, smells delicious, can be used in cooking for a sweet and soft taste, and is used to make oil (fun DIY project).


Phenomenal Lavender is the only variety that... • resists both hot summers and tough winters • refuses to die back during the winter • stands up against most diseases that kill other varieties • repels deer • one of the most fragrant lavender varieties


Varieties of Lavender for the Garden


'Betty's Blue' lavender Lavandula angustifolia 'Betty's Blue' has a more rounded shape than other lavenders. It offers large clusters of da...