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Lavender hedge along front walk?

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Planting a Lavender Hedge

Make a beautiful lavender hedge windbreak for your garden. There are few herbs that bring as much delight as lavender with its sweet smell and hardy habit

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Create and Care for a Lavender Hedge

Lavender plants are generally easy to care for. Learn how to create a fragrant and beautiful lavender hedge, and maintain it for years to come.

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How to Make Hedges of Lavender

Lavender: Create a thick hedge by making your ridge 24 inches wide and set lavender plants in two rows 12 inches apart. Instead of planting in parallel rows, stagger plants so plants of one row are halfway between plants of the other row. Lavender needs good air circulation to prevent disease. Keep your hedge weed free and avoid locating your hedge too close to other plantings.

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Create and Care for a Lavender Hedge

How to Prune Lavender - Cut back in Late Winter or early spring as close as possible to old wood without cutting into the old wood; leave a few healthy leaves above the brown stems (plants won't produce new shoots from old wood). In Late Summer after flowering, remove all the old flowerheads to prevent plant from using energy to make unwanted seed.

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Love this idea for Lavender and Alliums incorporated into a comfortable outdoor living space! Elegant & Cozy

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Rosemary bushes make an excellent low height hedge that is so fragrant it brings a relaxing feeling to the air around the garden. Peaceful :)

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a bed of lavender

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10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 2

pathway and lavander

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Roger's Gardens Landscape | Gardens

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