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Isalmic Dictionary - Fast, well designed online Arabic - English dictionary. You can search for Arabic words using transliterations in the Latin character set. Database is updated regularly to use multiple close Latin spellings.

William Whitackers Latin-English and English-Latin Online Dictionary

great list of words- I used the list of fabrics and their definitions for an art/science investigation on the different types of fabrics and their properties.


Pulchritudinous, Polyphiloprogenitive, and More : Omphaloskepsis

"Omphaloskepsis" .... now you know... literally "navel examination".... um hmmm, yes, and you can actually use it in a sentence for the lack of will to move or change! (see link)


Spirit - Online Etymology Dictionary Highlight ... from Latin spiritus "a breathing (respiration, and of the wind), breath; breath of a god," hence "inspiration; breath of life," hence "life;" also "disposition, character ..