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Season Three finale of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He devoted the entire episode to discussing the insane reality we are living in with Donald Trump as the next President.


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 3 episode 3 :


"Payday loans put a staggering amount of Americans in debt. They prey on the elderly & military service members. They’re awful, & nearly impossible to regulate. We’ve recruited Sarah Silverman to help spread the word about how to avoid falling into their clutches."▶ "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Predatory Lending"


❦ The title of this episode, “His Last Vow” is a play on the Sherlock story “His Last Bow.” But, of course, it’s also a reference to the speech Sherlock made in last week’s episode which started like this: “I’ve never made a vow in my life and after tonight I never will again so here in front of you all I make my first and last vow”…. And he kept it, didn’t he?

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John Oliver On The Paris Terrorists: "Fuck These Arseholes, Fuck Them Sideways"

At the start of the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver made this speech about Paris.