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Yanni - Until the last moment my all time favourite.. this one has a lovely Violin accomp

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love this song! it seems to say that bit by bit, we will make it there..all the way, together, hand in hand, until our last breath.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story → Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian Andor’s last moment: “Rogue One. May the Force be with you… ”

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Lovely prayer for the last moments with a pet.....this brought me to tears, having lost 2 pets back to back :(

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Lasting Moments Off-the-Shoulder Beaded Gown

Lasting Moments OfftheShoulder Beaded Gown #Dillards

hey were just getting to the victims too. Sad. R.I.P. Folks, remember, saving lives is what heroes do. Killing people in the name of ANY God..... that's what reckless cowards do.

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Bridals by Kim Pope at Lasting Moments Photography

Mommy to be! Lasting Moments photography By KimPope

SPOILERS DEATH NOTE EP 37. I cried so much. I hated Kira but loved Light and who he had been. Worst of all was Light in his last moments seeing himself as he was and could have been, an innocent student peacefully walking down the street reading. He lost it all. And I'm sure in those last moments he felt regret. That's when I burst into tears. And as he died L was watching as if to say sadly, "You lost, Kira." L was always there. Things could've been so different if he'd been Light and not…

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