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At the time of Christ’s death, the Book of Mormon describes darkness and destruction among the Nephites and Lamanites. Due to the accounts of a darkness that could be felt and which lasted three days, LDS scholars and geologists have suggested that the event requires both an earthquake and volcanic eruption.


DOLK New Mural In Osaka (Part II) | around the pet owners and their animals that were badly hit by last year’s 9.0-magnitude earthquake


Marble statue of woman, Pompeii - This statue originally depicted a member of the Istacidi family who were the final owners of the Villa of the Mysteries. However, Emperor Tiberius had the original head replaced with his mother Livia's likeness. The home, which was in a state of neglect due to the earthquake of AD 62, became dedicated to wine-making in the last stages of its life. Augustan period, head from Tiberian period

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20 Long-Lasting Foods That Will Keep You Well-Fed After SHTF

If you haven't already stocked up on survival food, you should get started. There are plenty of long-lasting foods that you can find in any grocery store.

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Toppled Houses

San Francisco residents were abruptly awakened one spring morning by an earthquake that lasted no more than a minute, but set off a chain of events that caused the city to burn for four straight days. The estimated 7.7- to 7.9-magnitude temblor not only broke natural gas mains, which sparked the fires, but also damaged water mains, leaving the fire department with limited resources to battle the blaze. By the time the fires were doused, flames had devoured more than 500 city blocks.


In an emergency a string in Crisco will burn 45 days.


San Francisco Earthquake 1989 ~ So terrifying until all friends & family accounted for. Thank God for the World Series. Traffic way lighter than usual at 5:04pm. ~Repinned Via Rhonda Hoffman Garcia (akr)

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Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes…with snack foods! (Part 1)

We loved this blog from our friends at RedCrossPDX in Oregon, we decided to post it. There are some easy ways to demonstrate how volcanoes and earthquakes work! Last year I was fortunate to work wi...


Disasters (Nation) - Alaska earthquake 1964 - The most powerful magnitude earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph and the largest earthquake in North America, it measured in at 9.2 on a seismograph.