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Last Days (2005)

Gus Van Sant's take on the last few days of Kurt Cobain's life. Not a documentary, but interesting and beautifully shot, nevertheless. A must see if you're a fan of Indie movies, Nirvana and/or Michael Pitt.

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Last days of Summer

"Last days of Summer" une romance de Jason Reitman avec Kate Winslet et Josh Brolin (04/2014) <3<3<3<3

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Last Days Film: Visit to get informed and take action. Either we come together now to make these the last days of ivory-funded terrorism or we witness the last days of elephants in the wild. Created by Director Kathryn Bigelow, Writer Scott Z. Burns and Annapurna Pictures and in collaboration with WildA

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Kathryn Bigelow Campaigns to Stop Elephant Poaching with Short Film

 Film SynopsisWhen a person buys an item made of ivory in a market in China, it is quite possible that they are actually funding the next major terrorist attack somewhere in the world; based on s...

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Jim Halpert on his first and last day in the office. I cried when he quoted the first episode I'm not even ashamed

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This Picture From Mockingjay's Last Day of Filming Is Making Us Emotional

Last day of shooting. :(. They don't want to leave each other. It was the best cast I can say. They movie wouldn't be good with out them.

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"Last Day Dream". A man watches his life pass before him. Produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival Beijing China 2009. Shot entirely on Lensbaby Lenses and Canon 5D Mark II SLR Camera.

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