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Our master bathroom was typical of '80s homes. There was a vanity area that was basically in the bedroom because there wasn't a door, and then a pocket door into another room with a small shower stall, a large soaking tub (which we never used), and carpet! Yes, our bathroom was carpeted - except, thankfully, for a small section of vinyl by the shower & toilet. We completely gutted the space & put in a walk in shower where the soaking tub used to be. This shower is one of the best decisions…


Bathroom, large gray floor tiles, gray cabinets, glass shower, bright orchid, mosaic backsplash | yaminidesigns, llc


Leketid!! Tomme doruller og gotteri i en plastkasse!!! Kjempemoro!!! / Playing time !!! - toilet rolls and candy for bunnies in a large box - soooo funny!!! Try it!! 2014/IJ


Finally figured out a way to keep the toilet paper dry in our RPod travel trailers "wet bath". Pulled the core out of a roll of toilet paper, stuffed it into a large plastic jar with a hole in the lid; put some Velcro, a little eyebolt, a small bungee to hole it up under the sink and voilà, no more TP mush!