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Get a large tarp and get Dad/someone to build a frame for it - waaay cheaper than renting a party tent as we just need a shade/rain cover

using a large tarp as a shelter from rain - or would it be better to have everyone in the barn? if we use the barn in the rain, people will have to travel from the brain to the West Lot Building ... that won't be fun in the rain. Also the barn does not have bathrooms - hm.

DIY Swimming Pool using 9 full size pallets and a very large medium duty tarp

This Backyard Swimming Pool Made Out Of Pallets Will Make Your Neighbors So Jealous

DIY Swimming Pool using 9 full size pallets and a very large medium duty tarp


Prepared LDS Family: Additional Emergency Supplies for Disasters. -gallon Bucket #2 - Leather work gloves (put near top or in 72-hour kit) Large tarp Folding shovel Hatchet Whet stone 50 ft. nylon cord Duct tape Small folding cook stove with fuel Small hand broom Pliers and wrench Crowbar/prybar


Excellent craftsmanship, coated 70-D RipStop Nylon, and an awesome design with 18 reinforced webbing loops and ridge line tie points for just about any setup option that your brain can scheme up. if you need a quick shelter in a time of need, you have it.


Canvas "shanty tent" I bet you could make one from a large tarp..

We+are+very+pleased+to+work+with+Wilderness+logics+to+provide+another+great+tarp! Oldman+Winter+covers+all+of+our+hammocks+and+is+a+great+way+to+protect+you+and+your+gear. +This+large+tarp+also+has+doors! ...