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Die ultimative Packliste für Lappland im Winter

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Ihr möchtet die Polarlichter im winterlichen Lappland in Finnland sehen? Dann findet ihr hier alle wichtigen Infos und die schönsten Hotels!

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Tromsø, Norway | Exotic Variations in color caused by gas particle collisions, the Northern Lights are one of the most iconic natural sights across the globe, and a must-see destination for any nature enthusiast.

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☆ Lappland. I don't stick to my jobs, I don't care much for ranks in society, they say I'm not lady-like but I'm more real than they will ever be. I don't want fancy watches or clothes by famous people, I don't like posh hotels or malls. I want the sun on my skin and big open spaces... I'm not messed up, I'm sorted. in his words I'm ahead of the curve' :)

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Northern lights photography: the aurora selfie snapper

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