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Olenna Tyrell

Lady Olenna Tyrell, née Redwyne, is a recurring character in the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons. She is played by Dame Diana Rigg. The elderly matriarch of House Tyrell, Lady Olenna has been a master of court politics and intrigue par excellence throughout her life. She's also known for her wit and sarcasm. As a result, Lady Olenna is popularly nicknamed the Queen of Thorns, in reference to her house's sigil and her cutting barbs. In many ways she is the de facto head of House...


Olenna Tyrell

In case I burn all my hair off trying to curl it for Halloween I'll just go as Olenna Tyrell.


Lady Olenna Tyrell Queen of Thornes Game of Thrones cosplay costume gown

Olenna Tyrell Garment The costume is made to order. I will begin with the making right after I received payment. Since every single piece is made by my own hands, please allow enough time for the maki