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Lady GaGa - Perfect Illusion Lyrics and Quotes Tryin' to get control... Pressure's takin' its toll Stuck in the middle zone (I just want you alone!) My guessing game is strong Way too real to be wrong Caught up in your show Yeah, at least now I know! It wasn't love, it wasn't love... It was a perfect illusion (Perfect illusion!) Mistaken for love, it wasn't love It was a perfect illusion (Perfect illusion!) You were a perfect illusion #LadyGaGa #PerfectIllusion #quotes #lyricArt #music…

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Regardless WHO you are and especially for a woman/or little girl... I think this song speaks beyond the stereotypical image it holds. "God makes NO mistakes" something I tell myself on a regular basis to keep me grounded. Love this song and really starting to like Lady Gaga, I must admit. :)

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