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create viral content for individuals with a huge following/get content in the hands of people who really care about it, and pull them towards your station. | Homepage of a Lady Gaga fansite (image: Lady Gaga Now)

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lady gaga desfila en el show de marc jacobs


(L) An outtake from the Lady Gaga photoshoot for Versace S/S 2014, leaked on fansite GagaDaily, and (R) the final campaign | Source: GagaDaily, Versace


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Lady Gaga Lady Gaga may be ditching the outlandish outfits and trying out a more natural look for her upcoming album ArtPop! The singer posted this make-up free photo on her fansite on July 22 and told her fans, "It's a scary thing to revisit those things underneath, the pain in your past. But all I found was raw passion." Does this mean we could be getting more of Stefani Joanne and less of Lady Gaga?