Laci Green is a YouTube demigoddess. But really, her frank talk about sex/body image and her confidence in her own skin is superb. Here's a link to her channel~

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12/13/12 Laci Green -Slut shamming is used by patriarchy to punish women who go against the social norm that has been prescribed to women. Slut shamming is a part of patriarchy used to sham women for acting in a way that isn't allowed by patriarchy. When a women takes charge of her sexuality, she is punished socially for being a slut. Without feminism, women would always be the blame in rape cases. Without feminism, women would have no sexual rights or freedoms.

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I can cover my chest cuz I want to, just as other girls don't have to if they don't want to.

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"While this won’t apply to everyone who enjoys wearing lots of makeup or who tans, I find that, for some people, they are already feeling the pressure of standards they cannot live up to. Makeup and tanning are a way of compensating. So, if we turn around then and call this woman a whore or a fake bitch (or whatever our insult of choice might be), we continue the process of victimizing her and degrading her body. We become a part of that vicious cycle..." -Laci Green #feminism

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