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Ancient Cretan tetradrachma coin depicting the legendary Labyrinth (ΚΝΩΣΙΩΝ), home of the Minotaur. c. 300 BC

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The Labyrinth is pre-Christian in its origin, yet so very spiritual that the Church in the Middle Ages made it their own. It is an archetype of the Divine, found in many religions throughout the world. It is a tool for meditation, as old as mystical Judaism and the Kabbala, the Celts’ Never Ending Circle, and the Native American Medicine Wheel.

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Imagenes de otros mundos

First trial: The Maze. You'll be placed at the entrance of a maze, once you step through, you must run without stopping, if you stop, then you will be electrocuted on the spot. This will test your endurance and how well you can think under pressure, there will be obstacles along the way. (You can pin a pin talking about your experience in the maze or you can tag me to rp with ONE of your characters. If you do tag me, and are using more than one character, then you can only use one and then…

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Transnox Maze that goes from the sun themed beginning, to the plant theme, to herbivore theme, to carnivore, to detritivore, to plant again at the end.

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Labyrinth Maze: The Chakravyuha. The Chakravyuh, or Padmavyuh, described in the "Mahabharata," is a multi-tier defensive formation that looks like a blooming lotus (padma, पद्म) or disc (chakra, चक्र) when viewed from above. The warriors at each interleaving position would be in an increasingly tough position to fight. Some people believe it was this formation that gave rise to the labyrinth.

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