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Pasture views on the farm with big boulders and Talamanca mountain views, home to the La Amistad International Park.

Views of the Talamanca mountain range from the cabin are to the east, and views of the northern valley and coastal mountains are visible to the west. Each cabin has its own patio and privacy. The surroundings offer a peaceful, scenic experience with spectacular sunrises over the eastern mountain range and sunsets to the west over the coastal mountain range. Views of the Talamanca mountain range, the Valle General and La Amistad International Park are shown here.

An ASOPROLA guide in the park talks about plant life and the delicate ecosystem in the La Amistad International Park.

Veragua Rainforest Research & Adventure Park is surrounded by 100% Rainforest. The park is a buffer zone for La Amistad International Park ("Friendship International Park"), which is shared by Costa Rica and Panamá.