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Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Find the perfect Star Wars gift for your Jedi brethren with this hand picked Star Wars gift ideas list. With everything from the Rebel Alliance to the fascist...


Hmm, maybe. But Han looked pretty surprised too. I kind of took it as, Kylo took out the saber and offered it to Han, and I took that to mean that Kylo wanted Han to kill him with his own lightsaber. End it. Han realized what Kylo was asking him to do and balked, Kylo changed his mind and killed Han instead.


How to Make Your Own Light Saber Toy

Star Wars costumes are going to be a huge hit this year with the news of Star Wars Land from Disney. May the force be with you with these DIY light sabers you can make yourself! The kids are going to want to play with this all year round.