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Kuru Disease

Hillary has KURU Disease from Child Cannibalism - The symptoms of Hillary's illness along with her Spirit Cooking & satanic pedophile activities related to Molech and Pagan practices which may have included CANNIBALISM point to a diagnosis of KURU disease - a very rare INCURABLE brain disorder.

Proof of human butcher for consumption. Found during research on the disease infecting and of growing concern in the extremist Muslim population called KURU disease which can only be gotten from eating infected human flesh !!!


Might Hillary Have Kuru Disease?


When People Ate People, A Strange Disease Emerged

Cannibalism: When People Ate People, A Strange Disease Emerged : The Salt : NPR

You have probably know or have seen someone whose skin looks very discolored – whiter patches of skin in some areas than their normal skin tone. This a non-contagious skin condition called vitiligo that affects about 2 million people in the United States.


Top 10 Rarest Diseases

zygoma: “ As rare as it is, Kuru is one disease that is fatal. However, it is so rare that the disease is confined to an area in New Guinea, more specifically the Fore tribe that lives in the...