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There is so much value in allowing students to discover new concepts on their own, complete their own research, and teach others. There is ALSO a whole lot of value in writing in the content areas. Read about how I implemented this activity before teaching a science unit on Electricity and Magnetism.


Make an Epic Set of Inside Out Discovery Bottles!

How to Make Emotions Discovery Bottles - Inspired by Disney Pixar's Inside Out


I would use QR Codes in the classroom for a number of activities. Whether it was literacy, math, science or any subject, QR codes get students used to using technology in a fun and creative way. The student would grab a cube and complete each of the activities as part of a daily task. I would use this in my 1st grade classroom.


Starting Out with Sentence Stems

The Science Penguin|Sentence Stems Printable|As usual, this innovative educational science blog (which also occasionally branches out into other content areas, such as math and social studies here), has ideas and resources that will be helpful for all struggling learners, but particularly ELLs. These free sentence starters in 3 core content area subjects will be useful to ELLs who are still learning to frame academic thoughts in English.