I like how Kristen Stewart has this mussed, "bed head" hair thing going, and she wears what she wants to, which tends to have this edgy feel. And you can't go wrong with a brown smokey eye.

Kristen Stewart pictures and photos. Kristen Stewart portrays Bella Swan from Twilight, New Moon movie, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Kristen Stewart's laid-back attitude toward fame and fashion has made her somewhat of a red-carpet rebel, with a beauty look to match. Here are the lessons in subversive chic we've learned from the inscrutable ingenue.

9 Beauty Lessons We Learned From Kristen Stewart

Nothing is as smoldering as a smokey eye. Adding color to a smokey eye is a great way to change the look up and still have the same gorgeous effect. Perfec

Step-By-Step: Cranberry Smoke with Makeup Geek Shadows

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Get Bella Swan's Wedding Makeup Look

bella swan bridal makeup tutorial twilight breaking dawn Get Bellas Breaking Dawn Wedding Makeup Look!

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Celeb Diary: Kristen Stewart at Camp X-Ray premiere at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

this is some beautifully done makeup. kristen stewart can definitely rock smoky eyes. her half-up hair with high volume is perfect with this look.

The 5 Most Awesome Hair, Makeup and Nail Looks of the Week! Which Is Your Favorite?

Kirsten Stewart, eye make up is gorgeous! The smokey eyed look makes everyone's Eyes look amazing, just like models eyes!

Kristen Stewart Fashion Style

"Maybe to most people long hair is prettier. Is your main goal in life to be desired? That is boring as fuck.

Kristen Stewarts Makeup: tried this, so easy! And so beautiful with hazel eyes

Kristen Stewart’s Makeup: Show and Ask Can you please tell me how to achieve this look of Kristen Stewart from the premiere of the movie “Breaking Dawn.” She looks gorgeous in this smokey eye look and people say I look

Adventureland (2009)   Weak performance by Kristen Stewart. Jesse Eisenberg amazing as always. Not a remarkable plot.

Adventureland A sweet, funny and painfully well-observed coming-of-age movie that explores the familial, economic and romantic problems that come with being a teen on the verge of flying the nest.